Need a cycle from Sumatra?
World Class Concierge Services Animation Musk oil from Minsk?

Hard-to-find items throughout the world,
like tickets to worldwide sports
and performing arts events?

Whatever your need, from collectibles to theatre tickets and events, and from special corporate parties to celebrity bookings, if you can imagine it, World Class Concierge Services can make it happen.

Staff with over 50 years in the concierge services industry and a worldwide database of specialists gives us an edge. Let us unlock your ordinary and extraordinary doors with the best in personalized, professional concierge services.

Do you have questions about how our services are delivered, what costs are involved or how we can help you? If you do, please read our answers to common questions.

If you are interested in starting a concierge business of your own, we can help you with our exclusive CONCIERGE IN A BOX™ guide. We are very pleased with this program and the excellent reviews it has received. You'll find all the tools, ideas and "tricks of the trade" you need to have your own successful concierge service.

READ: "Get Into the Concierge Business" by Ginger S. Eiden

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World Class Concierge Services is proud to be celebrating it's Twentieth Anniversary this year!

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